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Yellow vs Red and Brute vs Theo. Both guys are in matching style wrestling singlet’s but in opposing colours, Theo Reid in a white and red, Brute Club in Black and Yellow. Both guys look sexy as fuck, the singlet’s are more like shorts with straps attached, they don’t leave much to the imagination! The guys are psyching each other out right from the start, Theo keeping his body warm by bouncing up and down, Brute gives him that steely stare that he does so well, you know he means business. Squaring up, sizing up before bursting out into a double headlock and taking each other to the floor. This feels like a real power battle, both guys are pretty evenly matched in height and size and control of the floor flips both ways a lot. They really go for it, throws, grappling and pinning each other down, which they’re definitely both enjoying. Theo is on top of Brute and in a moment of tense hesitation they almost kiss, Brute flips him over into the same position and takes a final charge and snogs his face off! Crotches rub and grind together, Brute is too hard to keep his giant dick in his suit anymore, so gets it out and straight into Theo’s mouth. He takes his time and gets Brute to the point of bursting with excitement, licking his balls and up each side of his long and chunky cock before taking as much of hit as he can down his throat. Brute is laid down at first enjoying his cock being worshiped, the he gets up, his fully super-hard dick standing proud, glistening and still being sucked on. In another wrestling move, keeping it all aggressive Brute flips Theo onto his back and tears off his singlet, pushes his legs back and delves into his ass, tongie and fingers, slapping his butt cheeks and warming up his hole for the monster cock that’s about to come. Preparing to fuck, brute smacks his dick on his hole, getting the blood pumping even further, he slides in, Theo gasping and grimacing before accepting his cock and fucking loving it! Using Theo’s leg as a lever he fucks into him, hard. Getting onto his hands and knees Theo prepares to take his cock doggy style, pretty intense when 9” comes at you! Pounding the fuck out of him and making him moan louder than ever, both guys glimmering in sweat. Another wrestle flip and Theo is back on top, squatting on his cock, taking him balls deep and riding him like he’s trying to get the cum out of him. Rocking back and forth Theo jerks his cock until he explodes all over Brute. Pushing him off, cum covered Brute wanks off over Theo’s open mouth, spunking a huge load over his face and in his gob, taking the time to go down and share a cummy kiss with him. Beautiful finish guys!


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Gabriel is waiting for two sneakers he met few days ago on chat. The first to come is Mathiu Ferhati, a french top, whos going to give him his big and large dick. Few minutes later come Atlant, a second top sneaker, and this guys just go all over his butt. The bottom bastard will take it hard in mouth and ass and will not regret. A lot of creamy juice at the end for all of them.


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Enzo di Karina is top french sneaker with huge dick. But what happens when he meet another bigdicked sneaker. Well he suck that big dick like a bitch. A real sucking duel in this video. But, do not make mistake, Enzo will fuck that tight ass as well !


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After a hot and sweaty training match, John and Will, who could easily be brothers, take their adrenalin and testosterone into the locker room and have a bit of post-play fun right there! Stripping off and showing us their smooth bodies and stuff dicks from beneath the football shorts. Still with their football socks on, this is one hot entry to the diary for lovers of sports gear, and if your love extends to twinks fucking raw too, then this one really is going to blow your mind!


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Two scallies who grew up together in the projects have experienced sex for the first time a couple of years ago. They jacked each other off and exchanged blowjobs. Now the boys meet regularly to fuck. One loves to take up his love, while the other enjoying the looks of pain and pleasure on his friend's face as he pushes his schlong deep inside him.


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JNRC had a crush on this young dude. The boy's name is Raoul and there is something very sexy and sensual about him. Cum in and watch him shoot his load, you're gonna love it!


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Inked and ripped Guillaume has lured skater type Jerome around to the loading bay of an abandoned building for a little circle jerk to show off his aching stiff cock, popping it out the side of his sport shorts and letting his heavy nuts hang. The sight of all that tasty man meat sees Jerome dropping to give a top grade blowjob, while the sweat dribbles down Gerome’s pierced mug as he watches on in ecstasy. Once the pressure has built fit to burst he plunges his tool deep into Jerome’s hungry ass until they both blow a wadd over the bottom’s six-pack stomach.


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We waked up craving a good blowjob, so we’ve decided to bring Aday Traun one great cocksucker: Izan Loren, landed from Manchester. Get ready for a session of blowjobs like no other in Hardkinks.


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David Esten is a french sneaker & porn star. He's a lucky guy ! Today he's going to play with very handsome youngster Alex Sym. This guy has gorgeous hairless butt and he's also a very good sucker.


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