Nathan Hope

Nathan Hope

La nouvelle star chez Citebeur et Sketboy, Nathan Hope est un turbo bogoss, tatouée à la mode lascar, équipé d'une bonne tige et en plus un bon actif. En gros, une bombe ! Quand ce beau mec se promène dans la rue, y a pas que les filles qui tournent la tête. Avec sa belle gueule de petit ange et son attitude de lascar bad boy, Nathan a tout pour lui et il va te démontrer que ses qualités ne s'arrêtant pas là.
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Guillermo Cruz is short, cute and he loves giving his hot little ass. Today he is meeting up with Nathan Hope, the Sketboy serial fucker. The dominant stud fucks the little dude and makes him moan like a bitch as he pounds his hole over and over again! It's total ecstasy for Guillermo's pussy!

Dorryann Marguet has just discovered the pleasure of being passive and he just can't get enough these days! He is meeting up with Nathan Hope today to serve his massive cock. His holes get used, face-fucked, fingered and fucked very deep!

Called to the big man's office, handsome Nathan Hope checks in with the secretary and sits down, worried about why he's been called up. Asking the cute man at the desk, he's not letting on, but with 15 minutes to kill, he knows how to take his mind off it! Walking over to the dark haired French man, Gaston offers up his cock and unzips his trousers for Nathan to chow down on. More than willing, Nathan's sexy face is quickly full of thick Italian cock. Slowly undressing Nathan, Gaston pushes Nathan back on to the couch and gets his own lips around Nathan's beautifully formed dick, slurping it down to the balls!

Two handsome frenchsneakers in a great fuck session. A beautiful Nathan Hope is going to fuck that ass of Alex, a french bottom, always in great need of hard dick. But first of all, he needs to sniff Nathan's baskets. The smell of young males feet will make him even more bitchy, and get his ass open more widely.

Language teacher Luke was just trying to round out the cultural exchange program with his two students Nathan and Kimi by trying out some typical English cooking with them. The two cheeky imps find Luke extremely sexy and manage to find a way to turn their cooking lesson into a horny threeway. The teacher gets taken in a long fuck session by one lad after the other and has to give them credit ? they have talents more hidden than he realised.

Nathan is looking for some proper sucking, and Dolan is ready to give it to him. What starts as an intense gloryhole suck soon becomes a lot more for Dolan. His hairy ass is soon up for rimming and the gorgeous jock laps away, before easing his raging boner into the guys hole. Fucked in some great positions and taking a ride on that impressive shaft, Dolan wanks his cum load out over himself and takes a splashing eruption from his top too! That's definitely a satisfying sex club visit!

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