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The young passive thought he was chatting with a catfish when Kayden Grey contacted him online for a fuck. Fake profile or not, he couldn't take the risk of missing the fuck of his life. He tried his luck and guess what: The stud arrived and treated the boy's mouth and hole to his big fat juicy pole!

Kayden Gray after his sport workout body full of sweat and hot balls. The very handsome English guy knows that in those moments when he arrives in the locker room all the passive sluts dream to lick his cock and sniff his smelly balls. Once again, it does not miss: a young twink comes to submit and offer his ass to dominant lad. Naughty, Kayden had in his bag a big dildo and he will work the ass of this young gay btich before fucking him in double mode: his cock and dildo at the same time. Ecstasy.

When handsome stud Logan Moore shows up at Kayden Gray's workshop, Kayden's not too happy, thinking his work is being taken from him, but when Logan explains he's here not to work, but to play, Kayden's famous bulge grows and twitches immediately. Ripping open his suit, Logan instantly goes down on the hung stud, getting his face filled with 100% Kayden cock, the most perfectly formed dick created! Kayden may have work piling up, but there's always time for a hot fuck in the shop, and Logan is too damn hot to pass up! Stripping him off and taking in his hairy tanned body, Logan then gets his dick serviced too by the hung star and soon the attention is squarely on that smooth hole of his, Kayden wants it and it gonna get it! Shoving his hot wet tongue as deep as his can into it, Kayden knows every butt he fucks needs the right preparation, and he's not wrong, not many can take a dick that huge without being eased into it! Slowly pushing his thick shaft into Logan, both muscled young men start to sweat, their toned bodies glistening and looking even sexier than before as the hard pounding picks up the pace and Kayden gives his new work buddy the fuck of his life! Sitting down on top of it, Logan thinks he may have control of the depth, but Kayden doesn't let anyone dictate how he fucks and pushes up and pulls down however he pleases!! Unable to take much more, Kayden dumps his load over Logan's freshly fucked ass, covering his butt cheek with shot after shot of spunk, the sweat dripping off both of them.

Kayden Grey likes sports and ball games. He never misses a chance to get sweaty. Today after a 1 on 1 basketball game, Kayden brings he buddy up to his place for a hot rematch. Time to get those sweaty balls empty!

Wriggling toes, soft heels, stretched soles, and sheer nylon socks ? add these to the usual steaming hot - sucking and fucking and its a juicy sexy stew. Kayden Gray is undressed down to his sheer socks and their suspenders - by sexy lad Ross Drake, and Ross has got a thing for feet. Award winning top ( and no surprises as to why) Kayden gives Ross a face full of feet and an arse full of nine, stiff, uncut inches. Jonny Kingdom and Tom Long explore their foot based kinks with bearded Tom spitting, licking and generally luving Jonny's tootsies, before banging his arse. No surprises to find Dan Broughton's feet wandering down to Woody's feet during their massage scene, then confirmed top Woody bends over and gets his tight, squeaky tight, ass hole well'n' truly ploughed. Josh Jared and Lucas Davidson, are both well'into' feet as their rock hard uncut cocks illustrate, all this plus their'Raven's Tail' fuck toy and some good hard fucking and BIG juicy cum shots. OH so much uncut cock, feet and fucking!Lets wind it down with Bruno Balls ? he's into socks AND feet and luvs to show off his impressive cum shot, with a knee-length socked leg extended he cums on his own feet. Every guy is a confirmed foot fetishist and a red-hot, uncut fucker. All exclusive to DVD.

Two young men in singlet are wrestling. One is man-handling the other, showing who's the boss. Once in the changing room, there is some more ass-kicking...or ass-pumping should I say. The loser gets fucked of course!

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My holes for Kayden Gray
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