Jordan Fox

Jordan Fox

Regard vicieux, charisme de bad boy, corps de rêve et grosse bite d'acier : Jordan Fox, pornstar internationale, a clairement tout ce qu'il faut où il faut ! Se remettre entre ses mains, c'est la garantie de s'en prendre plein la gueule et plein le fion. Démonteur hors pair et impitoyable, il dompte tous les trous et n'hésite pas si besoin à distribuer claques et fessées pour asseoir sa domination. LE serial fucker qui les met tous en chaleur.
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Published: 2018-11-29

Jordan FOX and his friends end up in an old abandoned house for an orgy. Nice muscular twinks, hung and full of energy put on a hot show. A passive gets gang-banged by his friends. He's in heaven, surrounded by hard cocks!

Published: 2018-11-07

A town boss stops between two deals at a petrol station and a little white slut comes to light it. No worries gas but you're gonna kill. The superior follows the crevice before submitting it to its big perverse tail. He is going to scuff it like the last of the whores and to disassemble the bottom of the throat before exploding the glottis. He will not sprinkle him with contempt, without respect or consideration, of his royal juice of good man. Second scene from the Schyzo series. This film traces the course of Colby Kadirof, a serial rapist played by the magnificent Jordan Fox who in this role expresses his full sexual powers on the victims subjected to his evil desires.

Ever-eager bottom dude Brett ist he perfect workmate for permanently horny fuckers Dan and Jordan. Whenever they need relief they can bend him over and stuff their low-hangers and stiff cocks into his hungry mouth. The blond cocksucker will open his hole without a thought ? here out the back of the mechanic's workshop he lets himself be bored into by his buddies, with a heavy choking hand to remind him where his place is ? parked between two rigid dongs offering both ends up for macho male enjoyment. Jordan and Dan are more than happy to pay him back in gobs of spit and thick globs of cum.

Anthony Lafarno, the young french sneaker, meet Jordan Fox, the international porn star well known for his big dick, muscled body and blond hair. Anthony is going to lick Jordan's skets and then take his big fat dick into his mouth and ass. Anthony realy enjoy to suck and sniff that large dick, which is going to enlarge so widely his smooth ass.

Jordan Fox has just finished his daily workout in the gym. He heads off to the sun-bed. Unfortunately another dude called John decided to do the same so Jordan's cabin is busy. Pissed-off he decides to teach him a lesson to show him who the boss is! He uses his massive dick to punish the dude's mouth and ass! No one messes up with Jordan Fox!

Jordan Fox is exercising at the gym. Leo can't take his eyes out of his sneakers. When Leo gets on his knees to worship Jordan's feet, Jordan doesn't understand what the hell is going on. But he rapidly can feel his dick getting steel hard in his underwear. Check out what's gonna happen next.

Jordan and Tony are sitting and chatting in an underground car park. But Jordan is not too fond of verbal conversation. He pulls out his fat knob and quickly engages Tony in a deep exchange until the essence of the dialogue is copiously spread over Tony's baseball cap.

Jordan Fox is not porn actor, he is also very good football .. He started at the age of 8 years, that's why he has the muscular legs . Rod MALEK followed an introductory session with Jordan but he was far from suspecting that the coach was so severe ! Slapping, spitting, insults ... everything is good to punish Rod who will not listen to the advice of Jordan ... OF FOX hit is mercilessly that Jordan will marraver his hole .. and it goes right to goal !

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