Fixed and Fucked

Time: 17 min

How often does it happen? I mean.. how often does a hot serviceman actually turns up at your office the day you are alone? Sam could not let the opportunity go and nearly jumps on Riley when he comes by to get his work signed off. Riley welcomes the offer of some post work relief and soon the boys are exploring every inch of each other’s body. Sam soon makes a beeline for those particular inches that Riley is offering, pushing Riley to the wall, kneels down and sucks every inch of his cock. Riley can see him wanking himself while he has his lips wrapped around his shaft and wants a piece of it himself. He pulls Sam up, pushed him down on the sofa and gets to work on his sizeable cock before pulling him up and rimming the hell out of his hole. Soon he slips his cock inside Sam’s hairy hole while holding his legs open. He fucks him deep and hard before turning him around and fucking him from the back until he shoots a big load on the sofa. Riley then pushes him down and explodes in a multi shot orgasm that would get a gold medal.

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