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Time: 21 min

Height of summer – so lets turn the temperature way up as stunning, lip-smacking hotties and Butch Dixon newbies, Adriano Blumer and Mark Bunker get down and naaaasty on the sofa. These boys are scorching, tall, dark and ever so handsome. Adriano, with his floppy hair is just delicious, Mark strips him off with a cheeky glimpse of those glorious buns, then pulls the jeans straight down and eats out that juicy hole like there’s no tomorrow. He’s getting it good and ready and sopping wet for a torrid ploughing. Mark’s a cruel eyed , ( but he’s adorable in real life), big dicked stud, with a lot of juicy foreskin – that Adriano luvs chewing on. Adriano lifts up those long lean legs and exposes his yummy hole, and when its glistening wet he gingerly slides in. Thats a tight fit but once Adriano’s in there he rides that buck until he’s spasming with orgasm!!

Mark Bunker Adriano Blumer2
Mark Bunker Adriano Blumer12
Mark Bunker Adriano Blumer9
Mark Bunker Adriano Blumer3
Mark Bunker Adriano Blumer6
Mark Bunker Adriano Blumer11
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