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Caught in the locker room by Austin Wolf

Baseball practice is over and back in the locker room, Austin Wolf is sitting on a bench watching Sean Maygers strip off his sweaty jockstrap. Austin approaches Sean and gets him into acceptance on his knees as he presents his bulging package. Sean knows he's way past third base and gets hard almost instantly as he reaches into Austin's pouch and finds a big, thick dick. Austin reams Sean's wet throat and when both studs can't possibly get any harder, Austin bends Sean over to eat his ass. He opens up the begging jock with his tongue and fingers to get him ready for his thick slugger. Sean can't wait to have Austin inside of him and opens wide for his teammate to do his thing. Austin enters Sean's from behind and cuts right to the chase with a rough and constant pounding that leaves Sean's dugout wrecked. Sean wants it even harder and after climbing on top and riding the muscle stud, he lies back on the bench to let Austin drill his hole one last time. With Austin still sliding in and out of him, Sean blasts his load all over his own glistening abs. Austin is ready to cum too and pulls out to blast one out of the park. It's a home run that leaves the two athletes shuddering, panting and wet with sweat and sperm.

Another straight fellow that filled my mouth
Leo & Dave

Daddy Dave is hungry, and this time it's Leo's turn! The hung tattooed man teases Dave's hole like the pro, loving it so much that he's soon going balls deep! Leo has the perfect dick to fuck with, and the best body to give all the right moves - Dave is in heaven and can't believe his luck!

Love the smell of your feet, dude

Donnie Marco is back, and he's HORNY, and as Christmas is coming w let him indulge on of his personal fantasies, sneaker-sex. Donnie luvs to inhale the pungent, utterly masculine smell of s man's feet, the riper the better. Ted Glen's a keen gym goer so the sneakers wrapped around Donnie's face are good 'n' strongly scented. Donnie's big, uncut dick is raging hard and we all know where its headed - into every orifice Donnie can find, and young Ted is more than eager to oblige. Donnie mercilessly ploughs Ted's ripe, sweet fuck-hole, bareback, uncircumcised all the hot stuff you gents like, and we're in their for every steaming drop of jizz!

Have you ever been dominated?

Sergei takes his buddy Tommy into his secret dungeon. Tommy has never been dominated and with his vicious smile Sergey offers him to try. He starts to tie him up. Tommy had no idea that his buddy was so kinky and when he takes out his whip he understands that this is going to be hard. When he fucks, Sergei becomes a control freak and knows how to be obeyed. Tommy discovers the thrill of taking orders from a top dude who fucks mercilessly and will end up with his ass blown off and a big spurt in his mouth.

Show your coach how you fuck

Alex Mecum is lifting weights at the gym with his buddy, Micah Brandt. Micah promises Alex a present if he can do 30 reps of bench pressing. Alex takes the challenge and the two studs continue their workout until the chemistry in the air is overbearing. The horny muscle jocks kiss on the floor of the gym as they rub their bulging shorts and help each other out of their tight shirts. Alex is the first to unleash his already dripping animal of a cock, and Micah instantly follows by peeling off the rest of his workout gear. The sight of Alex's big thick dick makes Micah's mouth water. He drops to his knees before he takes the big hardon down his throat. All the cock sucking makes Micah hard as a rock. The two muscle studs 69 on the gym equipment as they suck and gag and drool all over each other's engorged dicks. Alex has fucking on his mind and he knows that he needs to get Micah's bubble butt ready for the action. Micah turns around and sits on his Alex's face to let him tongue fuck his hole. After a nice long rim session, Alex can sense that Micah is open and ready for entry and invites Micah to sit down on his big throbbing cock. Micah wants maximum penetration into his loosened-up asshole and lies on his back on a gym mat so that Alex can fuck him even deeper. The horny studs go at it hard until Alex's more primal instincts kick in and he rolls Micah over on the mat. Alex wraps his big bulging biceps around Micah and dominates him as he fucks his hole into acceptance. Micah's eyes roll into the back of his head and he dumps his load of cum all over the gym floor as Alex keeps up the relentless pounding. Micah's ass feels amazing and the internal throbbing sensation of Micah cumming on the floor is all it takes for Alex to dump his load. He pulls out and covers Micah's smooth, muscular back with a massive, pent-up load of jizz.

Household break

The production company moves to new premises and asks some actors to help with the cleaning. That will degenerate very quickly...

Seeding and breeding a young hole

Evan knows where to go looking for some good cock. The abandoned building is where a lot of local guys hook up for some tasty dick and as soon as he arrives he finds handsome lad Dan jerking his big uncut meat in an empty room. He's quickly in there and taking over for him, getting down on his knees to taste the delicious dick, taking a good face fucking and getting some deep throat action on the lad's meat. The boy knows what he needs and after slurping that fickstick and getting it dripping wet he's bent over with his ass up for Dan to fill. The sexy blond boy jabs his stick inside, fucking his new buddy from behind before flipping him over for some deeper missionary ramming. Evan is loving it, his cock spitting his fresh cream from his hooded helmet and making a hot mess, soon doubled by the ball juice Dan spurts all over his fucked hole, pumping his fresh load right inside Evan's chute for some seeding and breeding.

Moan for me
Moan for me

The hooded boss gets in his ass with his thick dick and Kevin can't help but moan. His little ass has taken some dicks but now he really feels the power of it. He understands that his dom arab top likes to hear him moan and so he does. He expresses well his pleasure to get fucked, he spreads his legs to the maximum, throws his look of small bottom in need addicted to cock and it is clear that he needs more. The dick won't come out of his ass until the milk will be ready to get released, so hang in there Kevin: you haven't finished waking up your neighbors.

Fucked by his champion

Beefy football players Johnny V and Aaron Savvy get more than a little practice in when Aaron tackles Johnny on the field. After rubbing crotches and locking lips, Johnny satisfies his curiosities by pulling down Aaron's bulging jockstrap and getting a nice big stiff one down his throat. Johnny gets his face plowed as he coughs and gags with strings of spit that run down Aaron's thick shaft and off his big tight sack. With his dick hard and his mouth hungry, Aaron stands Johnny up to get a face fucking of his own. The faster Johnny plows his throat, the harder Aaron's cock becomes and finally it's all too much for Aaron to take. He bends Johnny over on the AstroTurf and crams his massive cock deep into Johnny's round tight end. Aaron doesn't hold back and pumps away like a jackhammer on the wide receiver as he works to achieve his goal of stretching Johnny's seasoned ass. After switching up positions a few times, Johnny hops on to ride Aaron to the end zone and is the first to bust his nut. His creamy load blasts all over the field and when Aaron sees the mess Johnny has made, he stands over his spent teammate and jacks his own ready-to-burst cock into Johnny's hungry mouth. Johnny eagerly takes every last drop before the two lock in a final embrace to kiss the cum away.

Looking for obedient cocksucker
Looking for obedient cocksucker

Magnificent Arab body, balaclava, fiery look, 9 inch cock: this beautiful stud launches an ad on an app : he wants an obedient sucker. Kevin sees this and goes for it. He throws himself on the ground in front of this playboy who bewitches him in one look. His piece is impressive, it's going to be a serious blowout but Kevin is hungry and sucks it all in. In silence, no words, guys understand each other without words : him the boss, Kevin to the orders, worshipping and going deeper and deeper with his lips. This sucker is a gem, he deserves more...

Bad boy gets fucked

Finally we’ve got tattooed twinks Luke and John, who, just like their names, are about to get biblical with each other!! These two are almost polar opposites of each other looks wise. Luke is dark and tanned, with thick stubble and shaved rudeboi eyebrows, while John is blonde and slender, with pale skin and full lips. Opposites clearly attract though because these two have an instant chemistry that’s evident from the start of the scene right up until the creamy climax, as Luke takes Johns massive member in his cock hugging hole and John pounds him like a piece of meat until both lads explode and coat themselves and each other in spunk!!