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Straight scallies in secret

Two scally boys live in a rough area. They both have a girlfriend and a reputation to maintain. In reality they both love cock. They met via a gay app and now are meeting to satisfy their urge to fuck with a man.

Great yound and bearded cock worshiper
Great yound and bearded cock worshiper

Gio Cruz (AKA Driller) has the job of helping to clear an office, ready for a move.  Yohan, the cute bearded office manager is telling him what to do when Driller spies a bag of swimwear.  Cheekily, he asks Yohan if he can try them on.  It's not long before the beefy muscle studs are trying on the costumes, and not long before Gio (Driller) is sporting a hard on in his trunks.  The guys both get sweaty as they look at each other’s growing bulges, and begin a suck and fuck fest.  Gio pulls hairy bearded Yohan’s trunks off, and hungrily eats his arse out before living up to his nick-name and "Drilling" Yohan to an excited spurting of spunk!


A group of students are following a "truth or dare? game to earn some money, which push them to commit increasingly atrocious acts, immersing them in an big spiral of sex and BDSM without turning back.

Thick footballer dick
Thick footballer dick

There is a well known dude in the village for being a gay sex addict. When a straight stud is looking to get sucked, he's always up for the job. Today a straight footballer with an XXL dick is looking to fuck a mouth or an ass. Lucky him, he's gonna get to do both with the village's cock-sucker eager to service him! Check this out!

If all straight men loved cock like he does...

Danny, a Scottish guy, claims to be straight. He is picked up by a gay driver who has very horny Kristian and Callum in the back seat of his car. They pull out their cocks. Danny doesn't play coy for long. He even gets a hard-on. If all straight men were like him... It didn't take him long to find himself with cock in his mouth and getting his tight ass fucked. Clearly he'd been craving this, and he's turned a corner by finally tasting cock.

Don't worry buddy, I'll fuck you well

This guy knows his best buddy by heart and he knows what he likes and needs: he needs a good cock several times a week in his holes! And that's what friends are for too. He likes to please his buddy, he's got a great dick and he gives him the benefit of it by giving it to him so that he can have a good time sucking and getting fucked. Good, friendly, hard sex, with no headaches and no modesty between guys.

I'm jerking a big cock

What would you do if you had these two big dicks? We want to know how you'd love our huge cocks!

Scally orgy

Scally twinks! Do you like them? Tight bodies, masculine, horny twinks in tracksuits with massive hard-ons? We have 7 twinks full of cum and ready for action. Check this out!

Car threesome

Dave and Justin were very horny, and when these handsome guys need to cum, it's best to give them a kitty to play with or get out of the way! Zac didn't get out of the way, he got fucked when we invited him to sit in the back seat for these horny gays to share it with each other. He sucks and jerks a mannequin cock like a pro.

How to turn on gay gamers?

These 2 sexy gay Brazilian guys are avid gamers and have a hard time letting go of their joystick. Their sports buddy comes up with an idea to get them excited about playing with their dicks. While they're having a game, the jock comes over to do his workout in front of them and ends up showing off his ass. The call goes out and the gamers may be into the game, but they can't resist an ass on offer like that. They get up and find their buddy, put him to work with their big cocks and gradually take control of his horny ass.


Airport security agent Michael DelRay is reaching the end a very long and uneventful day. Right before closing off his shift, his security scan picks up on something extraordinarily large and concealed on none other than Jack Hunter. Michael takes it upon himself to conduct a very thorough 2nd screening in a private examination room.

Penalty in my ass

This sexy Brazilian soccer fan comes to watch a game at his friend's place. He's really into the game, but then his buddy shows him his ass and his hole... Soccer's a passion, but screwing a delicious, hot asshole is even more interesting. The guy's not the type to deny his big cock a good amount of pleasure, so he gets a good blowjob from his buddy and goes to score some points in his ass. Athletic, dominant, powerful, he makes his friend cum with his ass and shows him that with him every fuck is a game that ends with a pleasurable victory in both directions.