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Submit yourself to your longtime budd
Submit yourself to your longtime budd

It is Sunday afternoon, Medy93 goes to his friend Malik who lives in a bloc not far away. The two guys already know each other and have met several times. Confortably unstalled in pacha mode, Malik orders his young friend to suck his arab cock... like he always do. But this time he also forces him to lick his Nike sneakers, and even to give his ass. The boss wants to mark the territory and to take what belongs to him. It's the first time for Medy93 to be fucked by a man, who moreover is a fellow arab thug. He assumes... He's going to give his virginity to his buddy. Gay sex between two arab men Medy94 and Malik le Pacha. Virgin gay arab boy gets fucked by his fellow arabic fucker. Arab cock for sexy young arab boy.

Look me in the eye as you suck my cock!
Look me in the eye as you suck my cock!

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Rudalo meets Pablo
Rudalo meets Pablo

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