Mediterranean gay men full of cum
Mediterranean gay men full of cum

Mediterranean gay men full of cum

Gay video. Time: 15 min

There’s nothing quite like the dark haired Mediterranean types to get your pumping, and that’s exactly what Felix and Diego do! Sneaking to a hotel room to escape getting caught by his best friend, these two fuckers can’t get enough of each other and as their handsome faces, covered in a dark beard meet in a hot juicy kiss, Diego works his lips south, taking in hard pecs and aroused nipples before standing up and getting his long hard dick down Felix’s throat back and forth deeper with each try. These guys love to flip-fuck so it’s anyone’s guess who will top who here, but Diego turns out to be the man on top as Felix pushes back and takes everything and more of what Diego has, his bubble butt getting filled with meat, first pumped from below before doggy style gives us an awesome shot of hairy butts and swinging balls slapping against an ass in the midst of getting fucked hard!

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