Raw Workloads
Raw Workloads

Raw Workloads

Time: 27 min

Sexy construction worker Donnie Marco is focused on work while he gets watched by handsome hairy stud Eddie Star who lives in the condo next door. When Donnie notices that Eddie cannot keep his eyes off him, he gives him a big smile and without hesitating approaches him. For a bit more privacy, the two horny studs head to the bedroom where Eddie throws Donnie on the bed and kisses him with unleashed passion. Eddie rips off Donnie’s work clothes, revealing a forest of thick fur. With his tongue, Eddie explores Donnie’s plump nipples, hairy pits, and uncut rock hard cock. Donnie enjoyes the heat of the moment as Eddie nibbles on Donnie’s foreskin, then deepthroats Donnie’s girthy meat all the way to the base. As he sucks, Eddie pulls out his own throbbing cock, and they trade places. Both studs cup their balls while slobbering on each other’s cock. Turning around, Eddie exposes his ass to Donnie’s tongue. After a deep tongue exploration inside Eddie’s ass, Donnie let Eddie know that he is eager to fuck. After a long taste of Eddies bubble ass Eddie lies on his back and Eddie plants his raw cock deep into Eddie’s lubed-up hole. Donnie pounds him fast and bare, making Eddie moan out of ecstasy. Eddie’s face is overcome with ecstasy as he feels Donnie’s bare cock begin to fuck him wildly. Donnie’s big cock feels amazing popping in and out of his hole, but Eddie needs the hairy stud to dig in deeper. Donnie can sense that Eddie is getting close and keeps up the relentless bareback pounding until he fucks the cum out of Eddie. Donnie can no longer hold back and erupts with a fountain of cum all over Eddie’s hairy abs and shoves his cock back in to seal the deal.

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